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Osteopathy is a manual form of healthcare, where we treat the joints, muscular tissue, organs and all tissue of the body that has to be mobile. First a global test is being done, looking for distortions in the mobility of movement. The Osteopath will test the whole body and all tissues according to the philisophy of Osteopathy that all is connected. The Osteopath will use the knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Phsychology.

We treat babies, children, grownups, pregnant ladies, recently delivered women, people post-surgery; everyone with a movement restriction or unknown complains in which the body feels stuck.


The consult

To start off I ask to fill in an intake form, this helps me understand the reason of your coming. The first consult I will asks some extra questions, do a physical examination and start a treatment. In the end we make a treatment plan together.

All questions can be asked. If i have any medical concerns or doubts, I will ask you to see your GP to make sure.

What is Osteopathy

This is a small Youtube video to give you a first impression.


A treatment will take between 50 and 60 minutes. The current going rate is € 95,-. Payment can be done by debit card or cash. Any changes or cancellations can be done until 48 hours in advance, after this time costs will be charged.

Depending on your insurance your invoice can be submitted to your insurance company for a (partial) return of your money. Martine is registered to all necessary places which the insurance company requires:  NVO and NRO.

An Osteopatic diagnoses is not a medical diagnoses. In case of doubt about the complains or found results it can be advised to you to go and see a GP or doctor as well. A referral from the GP is not necessary.